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We both grew up in East London, a small city in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, and both happened to spend some time in the United Kingdom before returning home where the stars aligned and we met each other.  8 years after meeting, marrying and building a home, we were seeking a little change and fresh opportunities, so we moved to Brisbane, Australia in 2014, a place we could call home and where we could continue our love for the outdoors, fishing, boating and camping.

We took a step back to look at our lives and the future after losing a close friend at the beginning of 2019.  We spoke about life, re-evaluated our situation and started talking about travelling around Australia and doing The Big Lap.  We don't have children tying us down, so as we looked deeper into it we decided - LET'S DO IT!

We set a budget for a caravan and ute and set out to see what we could get.  We had a camper trailer at the time, but felt we needed something a little bigger to call home for two years.  We found a very decent second-hand caravan and purchased it, keeping it in storage until we were ready.

We then slowly started to sell off our furniture and things which weren't sentimental to us, and boxed up the rest in a storage facility. 

We plan on taking 2 years to accomplish trekking this continent and exploring all that Australia has to offer!

We're filming our travels and Deryck is building his photography portfolio along the way - it's not only about documenting our memories, but hopefully about inspiring the others to do the same!

Please reach out to us if there are any questions your have for us as we'd be more than happy to help you!  Also head over to our Blog page for more info, or watch our Video Series, or check out our Photos.

Just Vanning It | Deryck & Sue Howarth
Just Vanning It | Deryck & Sue Howarth
Just Vanning It | Deryck & Sue Howarth
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