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Selling our belongings and renting our house out...

After the decision to do the Big Lap of Australia the planning began.

First things first, budget. We sat down over some relaxed evenings and started planning and setting a budget and looking over everything to see if it was doable.

We had a boat and an Austrack camper which we loved and used all the time. We only had a Jeep wrangler so we needed to sell that as well to buy a towable vehicle.

With a budget of $70000 for a caravan and a vehicle, the search was on. We searched the internet for a caravan and decided to split the budget in half - $35000 for a caravan and $35000 for a vehicle.

We spent many hours on the internet looking at caravans and decided to go and look at some in the local area. Nothing felt like home so we went back to the drawing board. We then stumbled across one that stood out to us and realised it was at a dealer just up the road from us. We called and yes it was still available. We went around the next day and were blown away with it and its price! We spent the next few days chatting about it and researching the brand and looking what else was out there for the same price. Nothing came up for the same price and the research on the brand was slightly disappointing but we chatted about it and we decided to take the chance.

We then put our camper up for sale that we had owned from new for 2 years and surprisingly it sold in 5 days. We went back to the dealer and went ahead with the caravan.

$34800 - Caravan

We then had a small problem - storage. We looked for storage for the caravan and found one close to home.

While this was happening - the boat was up for sale and eventually sold a few months later and we looked for a vehicle. We found a Ford 2014 4x4 dual cab with canopy with 75000 km on it and we test drove it and went ahead with it.

$35000 - Ford Ranger XLT

Now with that all sorted, we spent evenings and weekends sorting out our belongings and deciding what to keep and what to sell. We decided with the Brisbane market, we would rent our house out. With all this happening we decided we would leave on our trip at the end of January 2020.

We found a reasonable storage unit and stored our belongings in there and sold the rest. We went with a new agent called Different and one open house and the house was leased.

We moved into our caravan at the end of November 2019...

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