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Staying Positive

Waking up after an awesome weekend, we looked at each other and questioned our trip. Yes, we were a little surprised we would feel like this. We had such bad weather from when we started our trip with rain and flooding it did make us think - this is not all that it seems.

Trying to stay positive, we kept busy and kept heading south.

Arriving at Mullumbimby Showgrounds with waterlogged grounds, we set up on the road. Still looking at each other and thinking - what are we doing. With the rain now for a month, everything is wet and even our travel partner Sophie the English bulldog was wet.

Waking up on the Saturday with the sun out; whoop whoop, we decided to make the best of it and head into Byron Bay for the day. Just a short drive we arrived and found parking and walked the busy streets of Byron Bay.

Had a magical day in Byron Bay and headed back to the van for a planned roast dinner in the Weber.

The weather held for the whole weekend giving us hope that the rain had now gone. Well, that was short-lived as we woke up Monday and again the rain fell!

We had an awesome weekend giving hope so we kept heading south...

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