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The time had come to leave on our BIG LAP...

The 24th of January 2020 was my last day at work and I had such mixed feelings as this had been my job since we arrived in Australia.

Waking up on the 25th of January and packing for our big lap was such a happy and yet sad day for us. Leaving everything we had built in the past 5 and a half years living in Brisbane became surreal. Leaving family and friends was the hardest part but there was no turning back.

We left and headed north to Maleny Showgrounds where Some friends decided to join us for the weekend.

Still learning the ways around our new lifestyle, it rained the whole weekend but we made the best of it.

Waking up Monday morning still with my alarm clock set for work hours was a weird feeling!

On Wednesday we had a call from our friends that just bought a camper trailer and asked us we wanted to join them at Kenilworth Homestead for the weekend. We looked at each other and didn’t hesitate and travelled the short distance and had such a magical weekend with them and their kids.

Sunday we travel the 2km to Kenilworth Showgrounds where we spent a few nights.

With the weather being so good on Monday morning, I set off to do a solo camp up Double Island point. Awesome weather and awesome time on the beach.

We had decided to start heading down south towards Sydney and getting back on our travel plans.

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